Men and the Toilet Paper Roll Replacement Issue

I’ve been nursing a neck that has popped out of place once again and, as such, I’m feeling a tad cranky today despite trying to talk myself into a more positive frame of mind.  This is going to be short because I can only sit at the computer for about ten minutes before the neck starts screaming in protest.

Very early this morning, I spent five minutes working up the nerve to roll over the edge of the bed in order to use the washroom (getting up or laying down is the worst pain imaginable when my neck hurts like this).  After working up the nerve, holding my breath and gritting my teeth against the pain, I rolled over, stood up (tears streaming already) and hobbled to the washroom, only to sit down and discover (surprise, surprise) that my adorable husband had used up the TP again and (again with the surprise, surprise) he hadn’t replaced it.  Do any other women share in my pain?  No matter how many times I ask him to replace the roll when he finishes it, he just can’t seem to get the simple task done.  To make it worse, there was a brand new roll directly behind me in the basket on the back of the toilet.  All he would have had to do was turn around and grab it and pop it on the holder.  Of course, my neck won’t turn right now, so I actually had to stand up and turn my body around to grab the new roll and replace it.  Since I was already Mrs. Crankypants, it was all I could do not to scream at the top of my lungs (over something so simple – isn’t that sad ;().

This reminds me of the time that I first gave Greg flack for not changing the TP roll.  He looked at me, totally serious, and said, “I shouldn’t have to change it because I usually crap at work so I don’t use much TP at home.”  HUH? I had a hayday with that one and I made sure to tell all of my female friends what he’d said so they could all have a good laugh too. Now I’m telling you so you can have a good laugh too.  Remember when I said my husband was a redneck?  Well, I wasn’t kidding.

So, to make my life simple and, I admit to serve some selfish need to have the last word, I just stuck a picture on the front of the washing machine (directly in front of the toilet).  I think it might get my point across…

tp rolls_0001

I’m almost finished with all of Mandy & Graham’s wedding pics and then I’ll be posting my favorites for ya’ll.

Stay thirsty my friends.

3 thoughts on “Men and the Toilet Paper Roll Replacement Issue

  1. I feel your pain sista, I feel your pain! It rates right up there with putting it on the roller “under”. I mean, really, I should be greatful if and WHEN it gets replaced after being emptied, but could we puh-lease realize that the world is right when toilet paper (or rollit paper as my new-to-me niece so lovingly and adorably calls it) is placed OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No UNDERS allowed!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Just on a bright note……………….Kolby thinks it is AWESOME when he gets to change the toilet paper roll. I will try and keep it that way for future generations………..

  3. That pic is so awesome Jo! I think I need one too. Also one for the empty juice jug sitting in the fridge. And the empty cracker box sitting in the cupboard. And the empty Kleenex box sitting on the counter. Hmmmmmm…there’s probably more. At least he never leaves my gas tank empty!

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