Sometimes I Just Need To Unplug

When Bob Cail (who is seriously one of the sweetest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing) knocked on our camper door at 5:30 this morning and handed us two, freshly brewed and steamingly delicious cups of coffee, I felt the last few pieces of the relaxation puzzle slide smoothly into place.  This is what it’s all about, I thought to myself as Greg made his way over to the bed and handed me a cup.  He took a sip, sighed, smiled down at me and kissed my nose and said, “Mornin’ Boo, love you. Now get up, you’ve gotta catch a fish big enough to win this Derby.”  Yes, my husband, romantic, yet so practical (or maybe I should say competitive????).

Since Greg started working for the City of Kamloops four years ago, we have been going to the annual Fishing Derby put on by the City’s Rec Club.  The first year we went, Greg won and he’s been hooked (pun intended) on the derby ever since. This year, he decided that “it would be okay” if I won instead of him (if you’d like to read about the friendly competition between Greg and I fishing, click here). Coming from Greg, that was very generous, if a little presumptuous.  We didn’t win.  We didn’t even come close this year, but despite that, it was the best weekend we’ve both had in a very long time.

The fishing was, to put it mildly, absolute crapola (for us fly fishers anyway – the gang trollers had much better luck and the Derby winner was a beautiful 5 lb Rainbow), but the rest of it was top drawer. The weather was awesometastic. We camped near Bob and his sons, Terry and Tim, and they are fantastic people.  We also had a sort of secluded camp site that backed on to the forest and we would open the camper door in the morning and let Juno run around in the forest while we lay in bed, sipping the coffee that Bob made us (bless his heart!) and just enjoying each other’s company and the sounds of the forest and lake around us.  And, to bump the whole experience into the category of “best weekend at Roche Lake ever”, I totally unplugged for nearly three days.  No phone (er, well, except when my brother texted me to see how the derby was going and to suggest I throw Greg overboard so I could win) and no computer.  No work.  No stress.  No worries.  Just me, my camera and two of my favorite boys (we left the rest of the animals at home and only brought Juno with us this trip).  In a word, heaven!

It’s been so long since I’ve walked away from my business and all the electronic devices that keep me connected and it was exactly what I needed.  Greg broke his fly rod on Saturday afternoon and we’d only brought two rods with us, so I happily handed him mine and picked up my book and my camera and amused myself while he fished.  We were in the boat for four hours on Saturday evening – me reading and snapping pics and him fishing – and it was the best time ever.  Sometimes we chatted about everything (and nothing). Sometimes we laughed at the dog (who was watching fish swim under the boat).  Sometimes I read my book and he kept his thoughts to himself.  And I snapped pics whenever I felt like it and got to know my new camera a little better.  I swear, it felt exactly the same as it used to feel when we first started dating and we’d spend a whole day just fishing and getting to know each other – except this time, we already knew each other so well and it was more of an opportunity to refresh our knowledge and understanding of each other.  I loved it.  I absolutely loved every single moment of it. I love him, every single moment with him – good or bad.  *sigh*, I’m just feeling so lovey dovey this evening that I had to share some of my sweet sappiness with the rest of you.

I think everyone should take a weekend every now and then to just get away and unplug from all of the craziness (this isn’t my idea, I read about in on Jodie Allen’s blog, Jodified, and it seemed like such a good suggestion that I did it).  Spend time with your family or your friends, away from the TV, away from the computer, away from the background white noise of city life.  It’s made such a huge difference in the way I feel that I can’t wait to do it again…but, I must admit, I’m glad to have my computer back too!

Here’s a few pics of the derby this weekend.  Roche Lake is beautiful.

This is a pic of Juno grabbing Greg’s toothbrush on Saturday morning. He likes having his teeth brushed too and it makes Greg laugh every time.


Juno giving me a little boat love.


Juno enjoys sleeping in the boat…maybe a little bit too much!


He also enjoys taking breaks to swim after his tennis ball. Getting him back in the boat is a bit of a chore, but we manage.


This guy was fishing beside us and I just couldn’t resist the impulse to take a picture of the silhouette his boat made in the sun.


derby_2009-70 I shot these next pics of Juno and I as we were looking into the water to watch fish swim under the boat.  I pointed the lens at the water to see what would happen and the result made Greg and I laugh hysterically.




Roche Lake is, as I’ve already said, absolutely beautiful.



Juno watches Greg fight and lose a lunker (the last 3-4 pounder that he “almost” caught all weekend – they fought so hard that they kept snapping off his 5lb test line).


I am trying really hard not to laugh at Greg’s ensuing temper tantrum after he lost the fish…and, for the record, I really needed a shower by this point, so I’m not looking my best!!!


I  just love this pic of Juno. He was sitting on the bow of the boat, watching the birds dive for chronomids while they hatched.

derby_2009-130And then, shortly after this pic, he decided it was time to take a nap and he curled up in the net and went to sleep. He seemed to sense that it wouldn’t be needed any time soon…


This last pic is a shot of Dyogi and Sky. They were sleeping like this at the top of the stairs when we came home.  Furry brothers!

derby_2009-141Good night ya’ll. I wish you enough.

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