I Believe My Birthday Makes Me Sick – Kamloops Photographer

I’m sick. Fever of 103.6 (before it broke this morning, Now it’s sitting a nice ‘n toasty 101.4), brain pounding against my skull, aching muscles and joints, cough that feel as though thousands of tiny needles are being jabbed into my throat and chest full of enough phlegm to choke a snake. Lovely. The nurse on the hotline said all of my symptoms describe H1N1 – well, at least I don’t have to make any decisions about getting vaccinated!!!

The upside of being sick is that I have lots of time to catch up on blogging. The downside is that tomorrow is my 35th birthday.

I realized this morning that I have been sick for four out of my last six birthdays. I broke my neck and sustained a major concussion four days before my 30th birthday, so I barely remember it and, apparently, I vomited up all of the Chinese Food that I’d requested for my birthday dinner!  (It wasn’t funny at the time, but we laugh about it now). On my 31st birthday, we ate dinner at my In-laws only to have me rushing to the bathroom to puke my guts out because I had picked up some sort of bug from a coworker. Birthday #32 was okay – smooth sailing even. On my 33rd birthday, it was a repeat performance at the in-laws and my MIL told me she was starting to develop a complex about cooking me birthday dinners because I seem to just puke them up.

On my 34th birthday, my in-laws gave t me a card that had us all laughing hysterically. It had three round cartoon faces on it. The first was a smiling cartoon face that said, “This is you.” The second had the same cartoon face with a birthday hat on that said, “This is you on your birthday.” The third had the same cartoon face with the birthday hat on puking its guts out and it said, “This is you later that night.” Ha Ha Hardy Har Har. I don’t know where she found it, but it still makes us laugh and I didn’t have any vomiting episodes that year. Phew.

Now, here I am, about to turn the big 35 and I can’t even celebrate with my family and friends because I’ve been ordered to stay in my house for a week to avoid polluting anyone else’s system with this darn Flu.

So, if you had any plans to cook for me or bring me sumptuous treats for my birthday, don’t bother. I’ll probably just puke them up anyway!

Here’s a pic from an upcoming blog that I’ll be writing about my Auntie Letha’s annual pumpkin carving party. What a great idea.



One thought on “I Believe My Birthday Makes Me Sick – Kamloops Photographer

  1. Aw Jo, that sucks, hope you’re better soon! Your brother is starting to feel ill too, headache, achy joints, tired. For once I am healthy!
    cough, cough……ignore that, it was nothing!
    Take care 🙂
    Love Molly

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