Random Thoughts of Late – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

Lately I’ve been having many random thoughts – some hilarious, some not – and I feel like sharing them with you.

Random Jo Thought #1
What do unborn babies think when they hear their mothers farting? Do they freak out like dogs when they hear fireworks? Do they try, in vain, to hide behind their umbilical cords or does the sound of the farty fart soothe them and lull them to sleep? Just wondering…and chuckling at how many of you are probably laughing at me for posting this!

Random Jo Thought #2
They say that sexy underthings can really make the difference in how a woman’s day can turn out. I never used to put any stock in that until I recently started busting out of all of my pretty bras and can no longer seem to fit comfortably into my pretty undies. Now my days begin with a ten minute full on shuffle through of my ginch drawer, followed by ten minutes of cursing and holding back tears as I reluctantly trudge over to my sports bra drawer, throw on one of the ugly, shapeless garments and decide, yet again to go commando rather than try to squeeze into one of my favorite thongs. So, yah, now I totally believe that sexy underthings DO make a difference in my day because nothing says BAD DAY like a uni-boob inducing sports bra and granny panties!

Random Jo Thought #3
Words that make Jo laugh. Mathlete.  Okay, only one word, but still. That’s funny.

Random Jo Thought #4
Sometimes in life a TV commercial comes along that can make me laugh out loud, maybe for the rest of my life. The new A&W commercial, with the two guys talking about 2-for-4 Mama Burgers all jacked up on helium, is one funny commercial. It makes me chuckle at random times during the day, even when I haven’t seen the commercial for days. It’s a party. Everyone’s invited. Bring your kids. That is good writing!

Random Jo Thought #5
I repeat, Mathlete

Random Jo Thought #6
Why do couples planning weddings spend astronomical amounts of money on frivolous crap, such as walking dessert tables and $4000 cakes, but then skimp out on the most important part of the day – the thing everyone will need to remember their day after the whirlwind is over – the photographer and/or videographer???? It often strikes me as ridiculous when I talk to a couple who is interested in booking me for their wedding and, after they spend an hour explaining to me exactly what they are looking for and what their expectations are, I show them the exact package they are talking about and they immediately balk. “But if we get that package, we won’t be able to afford that six horse carriage we want to rent for one hour to take us to the ceremony.” or…”Oh, I can’t spend that much because we won’t be able to buy as much booze for the limo ride to the church.”  Is it me? Are my priorities all screwed up?

Random Jo Thought #7
Who was it that told me that she totally LOVED being pregnant and that she could have spent her entire life being pregnant because it was such a great experience? As soon as I remember, I’m gonna punch her in the face!

Random Jo Thought #8
The Definition of Payback: When a women gets knocked up and her instant problems with flatulence nearly gag her husband every day. (Okay, so I seem to be thinking about gas a lot lately…can’t be helped).

Okay, that seems like enough random thoughts for today. I plan to do a blog in a day or two about the crazy dreams I’ve been having lately. I’ve been writing them down because it literally blows my mind that my brain can come up with this stuff. Last night I dreamt I was trapped inside my camera, looking out the lens as everyone lived their lives and forgot about me. HARSH.

No pics today. Don’t have any nearby. However, I took some fun shots on the weekend at our friends’ cabin on Red Lake and I’ll post some of those tomorrow. They’ll make you laugh!

Good night my friends. I wish you all enough…

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