Tiger Woods Ya’ll…

Well, a very good friend of mine recommended that I watch the TW press conference this morning and then blog about it because she was convinced I’d have a good take on the whole thing. I think she may be disappointed with my response.

My first thought after watching it was, Who cares? How do Tiger Woods’ actions affect my life at all? Neither the fact that he’s the world’s greatest golfer or the fact that he cheated on his wife have ever had a direct effect on me or mine.

My second thought after watching the press conference was, Why do people put such stock in other people’s actions, especially celebrities? Celebrities are just people and the thing about people is that each one of us is completely unique and has a distinct set of characteristics and values that dictate who we are and what actions we take. We all experience triumphs and tragedies. We all make mistakes and whether we learn from them is up to us.

Do I care that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife, hurt his family and left millions of fans shocked at his behavior? Nope. I believe that everything happens for a reason and all we have to do is recognize that this is so and we can change and improve and learn from our actions. However, whether or not Tiger Woods is learning from his actions doesn’t affect me or my life, at all.

Stay thirsty, my friends. I wish you enough…

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