Gratitude & Attitude: Laughter & Watercolor Death Reminders!

Well, well! Look who seems to be on a writing roll today! Two blogs in less than 12 hours is a bit of a record for me lately.

I was just sitting here, enjoying some Holy Crap and delicious greek yogurt (even though Dairy and I don’t generally mesh well, it seems to be okay if I mix it with my yummy Holy Crap) and I realized it has been months since I have posted a G&A.

Truth be told, I haven’t been feeling terribly grateful for anything lately, but I haven’t been dishing out much attitude either. I’ve been fairly neutral in all things, just keeping my head down, pushing through and getting shit done. Oh oh! There’s that trucker mouth again…more on that in a bit.

I am pressed for time (get it, hahaha, I’m using Word Press and I’m pressed for time…I kill me), so I am going to be  quick and dirty with this one.

Today’s Attitude goes out to:

  1. The dude in Merritt who let his giant Shepard pull him across the parking lot of a gas station, with its tail straight up in the air (dominant aggression) and then freaked out on Greg and told him that we should really train our dog after Juno snapped at his dog (defensive behavior) when it came blustering up to him. If the guy had a friggin’ clue about dog behavior and if he had any control over his dog, he would have recognized that his dog was full of aggressive behavior. If he also had a clue, he would have recognized that our dog did not display any signs of aggression at all and only snapped when the other dog practically tried to jump into our car. I could go on an on about this, but suffice it to say, that guy needs to pull his head out of his ass. Greg is still annoyed about this and I don’t enjoy seeing him annoyed about anything. Boo to uneducated, ignorant dog owners.
  2. PEOPLE WHO STILL DRIVE AND TALK OR TEXT ON THEIR F’N CELL PHONES. EVERY DAY. ALL OVER THIS CITY. If I had a dollar for every person I’ve seen driving and texting or chatting away with their phones in one hand while driving like idiots, I’d have enough to build a brand new, kick ass derby facility by now. GET OFF YOUR F’N PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING. The fact is, hand held cells are ILLEGAL for a reason – they make people die. YES, DUMB ASS, YOU COULD KILL SOMEONE – YOURSELF, YOUR KIDS, SOMEONE ELSE’S KIDS. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? IS YOUR BRAIN SO SMALL THAT IT CANNOT COMPREHEND THIS? Cell phone = distracting = dead. Period. I yell because I hate it when people can make a huge difference in the world by doing one little thing and they choose to ignore the importance of it. All of you folks out there who talk on your cell phones (without a blue tooth) or text while you are driving (including some of my friends and family members) should be completely ashamed of yourselves for endangering other people’s lives. Think, for a moment, how you would never get over it if you caused an accident and killed someone because you were above the cell phone laws and didn’t think they apply to you. You suck. That is all.
  3. The crazy lady who came into the Ruby Room the other day and turned my day completely upside down and sideways. Although I laugh now, I was not even smiling at the time and kind of wanted to dragon kick her to the face (but she was kind of old and people would have frowned if I busted out my kick ass Bruce Lee moves on a geriatric)…

Okay, enough ranting. Everyone has the right to act like an asshole now and then!

Today’s Gratitude goes out to:

  1. Teresa Schroder for sending me that beautiful watercolor with the poem about grieving on it. It will make a fantastic tattoo and it will always make me think of Cora and Kieran and your little Brielle.
  2. Acid for making me laugh and for making me laugh at her, unintentionally (the other day with the change from the Til thing….lol, sorry, but it was funny).
  3. Kelly at Kamloops Computer Center. I knew there was a reason I should always take my computers to you guys. It’s 1000x better and it was relatively inexpensive compared to buying an entirely new system. I heart good computer techs!
  4. My Greggor. For coming home yesterday, taking one look at my face and coming straight up the stairs to hug me tight and let me cry it out. Who knew we would ever get to the point where one look would be stronger than a million words? Super love.
  5. My brother Dan. His life is so simple compared to so many others, but he still struggles every day and it’s not easy for him. Yet, he keeps smiling when he can and he pushes through all the trials and tribulations of having a mental illness. I’m proud of him. He drives me nuts sometimes, but having him living in our basement has taught me many life lessons lately and I’m grateful for all of them.
  6. Mama Fluf. Out of all the people out there who know what we’ve been through  and what we are still going through, she really seems to feel it too. She lost a granddaughter when Cora died and she still hurts, just like us. It’s nice to know I can talk to her about my feelings and she is there to comfort and support us. Heart.
  7. Beatings…Holy Crap, Greek Yogurt and Baileys and Coffee…thanks for the giggle this morning, I surely needed it. And yes, birds of a feather do fly into airplane propellers together!
  8. Carrie Neal. Your message this morning made me feel all warm and fuzzy and grateful that my words affect people and that I’m not just blabbering incoherently most of the time. Thanks for reminding me that they have a positive effect on some.

Well, that’s it for me. I have a ton of stuff to do today, but wanted to get some of this down on the blog.

I’m actually revamping my blog and website and will be launching the new and improved version some time in December. Stay tuned…

Here’s a pic or three from our recent trip to Vancouver Island…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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