My Family Is Crazy…Just The Way I Like ‘Em! ;)

Yah, it’s true. Any direction I look, family-wise, there are characters. Some of them have tempers; some are ridiculously hilarious; some are too serious; some not serious enough, but all have personality plus! No matter their quirks or lack thereof, I am fortunate enough to really like most of my family members. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am. Of course, it helps that I’m bat shit crazy a lot of the time too, so I can’t really feel justified in judging my family for any strange or unseemly behaviors! I recently smashed my favorite mug because I had a crazy PMS hormone surge of frustration and it just happened to be in my hand…and full of coffee to boot! Imagine Greg’s expression as I went from seemingly normal, happy wife, to crazy rage monster cup smasher and then back to “normal” in almost the same breath. No wonder he took off to Alaska for a few weeks! Just kidding…sort of!

I was super lucky to get in a much-needed visit with some of my mama’s relatives a couple weekends ago and it was fairly awesomesauce. Love those Nahirneys! The visit wasn’t long enough, although it did involve a serious amount of laughter, good times and one or two beers! I can’t wait to do it again, but in the meantime, here’s a slideshow from some of the time I spent with them!

And, for the record, my cousins have some of the cutest damn kids on the planet!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Peace out!


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