You never post photos anymore…

Bahahaha…last weekend I heard from a few people that I never post photos or blog anymore. I am laughing because if they could just see my Instagram feed or personal Facebook page, they would see how many photos I actually post – just not photos of my work most of the time.

I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet, I promise. I am just coming off a rough marriage stint and a distinct lack of creative blogging energy (it happens to ALL bloggers now and then) and I’ve been redirecting my focus to all of my weddings for this season.

Since this is the last year I’ll be shooting weddings before Ian takes over shooting for me next year, I’ve been putting in extra effort to make each wedding as memorable and creative as I can possibly make it. You could say I’m going out with a burst of photographic genius…or trying to! I have decided to save my blogging energy until the end of the season when I will be posting a montage of this year’s most memorable and favourite moments, with a little commentary about why those moments were so damn special to me. Wedding Season 2013 has been nothing short of amazeballs so far and I expect it will only keep on impressing me and my insatiable need to be surrounded by love and laughter.

So stay tuned for an end of the season post about my last season of weddings. I hope it will be more than worth the wait!

I will have some blogs finished up in a week or two about other hot topics on my mind and I hope they will provoke thought, inspire laughter and ensure happiness.

Enjoy your evening, my friends.

I wish you all enough.

I’ve been shooting a lot of bugs this summer (because they fascinate me – and other weirdos like me…no names, Cristina Ostapovitch) and I caught this little dude ripping pieces of chicken off of my chicken bone the other night.

Nom Nom Nom
Nom Nom Nom

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