The Shift of The Shit and other happy thoughts!

NOTE: I wrote this on Friday the 13th, but forgot to publish it. Just found in my blog folder when I opened it to finish writing something else! Ooopsy!

Do you feel it?

Forget for a second that Mercury is in retrograde (which it is) and that I just smoked a fatty (which I did) annnnnd that it’s a full moon tonight (which it also is). Even if you didn’t know any of that, I’m betting you would still feel it!

The shift.

In the universe.

I didn’t truly understand what I was feeling until this afternoon when I was contemplating…


In the universe.

I was in my garden and feeling lousy – frustrated, on edge, totally defeated and just plain blah and this feeling NEVER happens to me while I’m in my sanctuary. I was overwhelmed with all the shit that goes on in the universe and all the apathy out there. I was feeling that nobody truly gives a shit about all the shit anyway. We see it, it horrifies us, we share it on social media (or recount it in horrific detail to our friends and family), and then we move on to the next shit and do nothing about the shit that had us horrified only moments before. It’s cyclic and it’s never ending because there is so much shit out there.

If a girl’s not careful, she can really find herself surrounded by a giant pile of shit.

I’m not always careful, apparently.

I have been through some crazy shit of my own. Shit that makes me resilient, more sympathetic, more understanding, and one helluva lot smarter with my energy than I’ve ever been before, but it hasn’t happened overnight.

Five years ago, I would not have recognized the shit vibes floating through the air, making me feel crazy beans and sad. I would have thought it was probably my hormones getting the better of me.

Three years ago, I would have recognized the vibes, but not understood how to do anything about them.

Three months ago (give or take a week), I would have recognized them, tried to do something about them and failed miserably. Now…I have my shit dialled in, so-to-speak.

I see it all now. I feel it all and know immediately that I’m feeling it, but my new challenge is how to read or interpret it and, once I do understand where it’s coming from, what to do with it.

This afternoon, I recognized the shit vibe right away, but couldn’t immediately pinpoint where it was coming from. It took me from a chill, happy, peaceful mood into an angry, frustrated, defeated mess in the span of around 10 minutes. As soon as I realized what was happening, I dropped my current weeding tool and bolted inside to escape the energy. It helped a little because I have my house protected from outside influences, but I still felt it coming at me like a freight train, trying really hard to smash through the walls I’d thrown up against it.

(As an aside, BOOM, after weeks of practice, my metaphorical walls are stronger than that imaginary train! Either I’m completely bat shit crazy or all this energy in the universe that is connected to my soul is real and I am finally figuring out how to work with it and around it. I feel fairly sane…well, most of the time. 🙂 )

So, back to the shift. It is really happening. People are becoming so much more aware of what’s going on in the world and what’s going on around them, especially the younger generation. I was in line at Nature’s Fare yesterday and a little girl-maybe six-was in front of me chatting with her mom. Her mom was talking about the meat industry (a subject that deeply concerns me and used to keep me awake at night before I had my NDE) and how important it is to shop for local meat that’s ethically raised. (No, she didn’t use those words, she used words a six year-old could understand, but that was the gist of it). The kid looked up at her and said, “Don’t worry mom, by the time I’m grown up, me and my friends will make sure that all animals are happy, even the ones we are gonna eat.”

I gave a whoop whoop and high fived the girl and all three of us giggled. Imagine the kind of awareness a little kid has to have at that age to understand that something has to be done to change things and make the world a more humane and better place! This kid not only knew that she liked to eat meat, but that she could do something to make sure the animal who provides it is happy before it is slaughtered.

She also told her mom that the “internet makes it really easy to reach people all over the world and ask them to make sure they start making their animals happy too”.

See! The shift!

When I was six, I didn’t have a clue about how animals were treated prior to ending up on my plate. I was already a bleeding heart animal lover by then, but the connection between a cow in a field and the steak on my plate wasn’t even registering on my radar. That kid in the line up was obviously light years ahead of where I was at that age, and she’s not the only one.

Kids these days, even though they are spending an inordinate amount of time with their faces in electronic devices, are exposed to so much more of the world than I was when I was young. They see so much of the positive side of life-good stories about helping others, saving animals, people working to save the damage being done to the planet. They also see the negative side of life-horrid stories about people suppressing and abusing others, animal abuse and neglect, polluting of the earth, loss of wildlife habitat, etc..These kids have everything at their fingertips to learn about the world and learn many different sides and arguments for everything they are exposed to. They will be the ones who learn to look at issues objectively because they get to see all of the sides.

When I was growing up, I had a very limited perspective of the world. I saw what my parents wanted me to see and heard what they wanted me to hear. I grew up being taught that certain things were a certain way “because that’s the way it’s always been” and, because I didn’t know any better, I believed them. Kids these days (in our part of the world, anyway) don’t have to accept their parents’ view of the world and then pass that view of it onto their own children. The interconnectedness of the globe, through technology, has ensured that.

Sure, technology can be a shittastic thing if we allow ourselves to become sedentary beings who sit on our asses for too many hours a day, neglecting our health and depleting our social skills, but it can be a vast and effective learning tool as well. It can be the tool that catalyzes change-really positive and lasting change. A large portion of the last couple generations may have lost their collective way and lost sight of how important it is to teach children to grow up compassionate, passionate and sympathetic, but the world’s awareness is shifting and I (and lots of others) can feel the energy of it.

The energy I felt this afternoon when I was outside was full of frustration and pigheadedness. It took me the rest of the day to pinpoint where it was coming from and, because Mercury is in retrograde and communication can be totally skewed, it took me hours to nail where that frustration was coming from. Change.

The shift is happening and people who are resistant to change are digging in and fighting against it. All those people who have grown up ignoring the state of the rest of the world (and even the state of their own neighbourhoods) are waking up and really starting to see what is happening. It’s a hard thing to accept that the world needs help because we’ve contributed to the state that it is in with our greed, neglect, apathy, etc.. It’s even harder to accept that we all need help and that we all need to help each other in order to fix all the shit that’s out there. So people resist and the air gets charged with frustrated energy filled with a pigheaded refusal to flow with the change and I pick up on all of it. The lesson here: Stop resisting. Let change come and roll with it.

On that note, it’s time to strap on my skates and go for a boot around the city.

Enjoy the changes that Mercury is bringing in right now and work on letting go of your resistance.

One love, people. One love.

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