Editing services offered by Jo Johnson:

No matter what you’ve written, you need someone to edit it. Be it a resume, a work proposal, a short story, a blog, or an entire book—the unwritten rule of all seasoned writers is that we must have our work edited by someone else to shine it up. Even the best writers—who have been writing for many years (like I have)—still make mistakes, still miss typos, still leave holes in their otherwise intriguing plots. To err is human, after all, and since humans are the only species who write (okay, with the exception of one or two fairly skilled gorillas), we just have to accept that we’ll be making a mistake or two in our masterpieces.

It’s okay, though. I gotchu! I offer all types of editing, at all stages of writing, to make it easy for you to concentrate on the juicy stuff and leave the tedious stuff to me.

My role as an editor is to correct everything necessary to ensure your document is consistent, clear, and up to the standards expected by your target audience or publisher. This could mean I will correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation or rearrange things to make your story flow easier or search for holes in the plot. Whatever it is, I will do it with my full attention, years of experience, and all the tools I have available to deliver a quality edit that reflects my attention to detail.

Before we dive into your work, please note that all of my services require a free assessment of the written material before the cost of services can be estimated.

  • Full Edit (aka The Whole Shebang): Involves every aspect of editing, from picking your story apart and ensuring it makes sense (structural and line editing) to making sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted (copy editing/proofreading). In other words, sometimes you need one editor to do all the things so you don’t have to make small talk with too many people. 🤪 $30/hr

    Here is an example of how I figure out how much I need to quote for a full edit:

    If you have a 50,000 word manuscript, I divide it by the industry standard of 250 words per page to get your page count. 200 pages. I average a full edit at 3-4 pages per hour, depending on how well written it is. That means it will most likely take me between 50 and 67 hours to complete at $30 per hour, which puts the cost between $1500 and $2010.

    I follow the same rule of thumb to figure out all other editing quotes as well (with the exception of copy editing).
  • Structural Editing (aka Developmental or Substantive Editing): Once a writer has completed their manuscript and taken it as far as they can, the first step in the editing process is a structural edit. It involves reorganizing and clarifying a manuscript or other written material to ensure the content and structure flow. In other words, let’s make sure your story isn’t full of holes and doesn’t go off on 42.3 tangents. Structural edits usually require at least two passes to catch everything.

    HOWEVER, this step isn’t always necessary for shorter stories, documents other than manuscripts, or manuscripts that have already had a lot of Beta readers to give the author feedback. $30/hr
  • Line Editing: Involves cleaning up language (spelling, punctuation, grammar) and clarifying structure by rearranging or moving sentences. It also includes fact-checking if your manuscript or document needs to be backed up with citations. In other words, “I must help you ‘cuz your book-a makes-a no sense-a.” (That was spoken in my best Italian accent, complete with hand gestures.) $30/hr
  • Copy Editing & Proofreading: Some editors think of these as separate tasks, but I think they are the same thing. Copy editing involves editing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage, and other mechanics of style and formatting. In other words, someone’s gotta get down to the nitty gritty and make it all look pretty (that rhyme was unintentional but amazeballs and, yes, I know “gotta” is improper English. I’m an editor. We know stuff.). $25/1000 for any manuscript over 5000 words or $30/hr
write your story. Ghost writing services in Canada. writer Jo Johnson

Writing services offered by Jo Johnson:

Writing for other people is fun! I was born with an excess of words in my brain cavity, so I have to find ways to get them all out lest my brain fills up and explodes. True story. BOOOOOOOM!

  • Ghostwriting & blogging: Ghostwriting is basically this: You hire me to write a piece or a book for you and then you put your name on it as the author and act as though I never existed.

    I know, spooky.

    Many writers HATE the idea of putting their time and energy (and heart) into a project that will never have their name associated with it. I am not one of those writers. In fact, the majority of the work I do is blogging for other people and businesses who either don’t have time to write or don’t have any talent for writing. I totally understand that many people out there have rad stories to tell but don’t have the expertise to tell them and I have zero issues with writing incognito.

    I also have degrees in both Arts and Sciences, so I’m adept at researching and feel confident writing about almost anything. No biggy: I’ll write it and you publish it and take all the credit. Enjoy your fame and fortune—writers are notorious for being extremely private, reclusive types anyway. $30/hr

    Extra research that is not provided by the client, but is necessary to backup content: $35/hr
  • Grants/Proposals: I took a three-month course in this stuff. Who knew it was such an art form and—not gonna lie—boring AF; however, I’m not only skilled at sourcing the info for these, but I’m also a master at laying them out in a presentation style that will knock the dang socks off your investors. $55/hr (It usually takes me 3-5 hours to put a grant application together.)
  • Website content research and creation: Building a website, but have zero ideas what to write about or how to write it? Step aside, boo, I got this! I will handle your keyword research, SEO optimization through content, title tags and meta descriptions, and everything else that will help your website start ranking high on search engines quickly. This ain’t my first website-writing rodeo! $30/hr
  • Newsletter creation: Does your company want to start publishing newsletters to send out to your readers? Don’t have anyone in-house available or writing just isn’t your jam? All good. That’s why I’m here. Just give me a few ideas of what you want to cover and leave the rest to me. I’ll whip up something faster than mama makes whip cream for pancakes on Sunday mornings! $30/hr

Please note: New material added after the initial assessment and quote will be considered extra and will be billed accordingly at the prices below. After all, you wouldn’t buy a new vehicle and drive it off the lot, only to return a week later and demand a roof rack and running boards at no extra charge (#amiright). Same goes for writing projects. If you add more information and detail into the mix, it will cost more than the original quote.

Beta Reading Services

In addition to editing and writing services, I also offer Manuscript Evaluation (aka Beta Evaluation) services.

If you’re an Indie Author who wants to skip the structural edit by sending your manuscript out to Beta Readers for evaluation and then making changes before sending it to an editor, I can help. I also offer Beta Evaluations, which are much more in-depth than an evaluation by a free Beta Reader. While a Beta read by friends and family (or even fellow authors) is handy, a beta read by an editor is much more effective as we are trained to spot the inconsistencies and structural issues in stories.

I use a Beta Eval Checklist that covers key points in a manuscript and ensures nothing is missed. Here are some items covered in my checklist:

  • premise
  • theme
  • genre
  • voice
  • style
  • format
  • flow
  • tone consistency
  • dialogue
  • character development
  • environment development
  • plot strengths and weaknesses
  • consistent writing mistakes that can be fixed
  • editing tips and tricks

This Beta Evaluation gives you a written rundown, covering all the key elements that a good story will have. You can then read through the evaluation and work on your manuscript changes (should you choose to do so) before you submit it for editing, which could save you some big $$ in the long run.

It usually takes me approximately 10 to 12 hours to read 60,000 words and then another 6 to 8 to write the evaluation based on my checklist, all billed at $30/hr. So, approximately $480 to $600 for a full Beta Evaluation.